Introduction to photography

Chris Pepper Photography, would like to welcome you to my introductory to photography workshop. We will be spending two days in class helping you get ready for the outside world of photography for 2016.
In this class we will be covering many points to make sure you feel comfortable with a camera in your hands. Let’s face it many people at one point have bought a camera that is beyond there skill level. Using these cameras in the basic program mode can result in poor photos with less then 90% utilization of the rest of the cameras functions. So lets take your photography to the next level.

My goal is to make sure all participants are ready to go out on their own with full knowledge of basic fundamentals to take great pictures. Here are some of the topics I will be covering in this workshop. First we will learn about what steps we need to think about when we take a picture. Basic rules of composition, how to read light, what is aperture, shutter speed and ISO. What lens should I use for this type of application. focus points, metering and white balance. And most importantly what are all these buttons for on my camera?

Once we put it all together I can then start teaching you on day two how we take these pictures you all want to take. Through a series of steps you will take pictures indoors that will allow you to understand why the camera is working the way it does. Once you understand these practices we will learn how to manipulate the camera into taking pictures the way we want it to by creative techniques.

Why take this course with me? I have been teaching on average 5-10 students per month entry level photography for the last 5 years. I have a high repeat clientele base as I’m a personable guy that likes to have fun while teaching. Many people have taken photography courses and have gone out with me on a basic 4 hour workshop and have claimed I taught them more in 4 hours then they learned in 6 months, and they now understand whats going on.

So let’s take your photography to the next level by learning in a stress free environment, with practical teachings so you can understand just how easy photography can be!

Our workshop will take place in Kitchener on Saturday January 23rd 9am-4pm and Sunday January 24th from 9am to 1pm
Cost: $99.00 plus HST (111.87)
Payment options are PayPal, E transfer or mailed check no later then 1 week prior to workshop.

What you should bring.
-Camera and lenses
-notebook or laptop for taking notes
-one small personal item on day 2 to take a picture of (Item should be no bigger then 6 inches) no live animals please :)
-creative mind
-positive attitude