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How come I never got that picture?

Hello everybody!

It has been quite a while since I have wrote a blog on here so I figured it was time to spark things up again. Today I wanted to talk about what the average photographer will miss while they are at a travel destination. While we were out running a workshop this summer in Nova Scotia we were crossing the ferry coming back from a whale watching tour. I noticed the sun was on a very low angle and if we could find something fast to photograph we would be rewarded with a fireball sky over the Bay of Fundy. It just so happened that there was a light house right out on the point across the straight from us. So we stopped the car and waited for the magic to happen. Now this is what I mean by how people can miss a picture that is right in front of them. This is an image of what caught my eye.

Chris Pepper,photography workshops, Canadian photography workshops

So you can see that we were quite a distance from our subject. The landscape looked nice but it needed something more to help the image along. Hmmmm I thought to myself what can we do here?? Because of the time of the day the tide was rising and the flow of water was quite fast. The clouds were moving a little bit to the right so I thought hey lets tell the clients to try out there ND filters. So I helped everybody get set up and we started to take a few pictures. The results turned out just awesome I though, the motion was captured as to be expected and it gave the image a totally different look.

Chirs Pepper, long exposure, Northof49photography, canadain photography workshops

So reviewing the image above, I cropped out a bit of the sky to just keep in the colour and remove some of the blue. I kept the foreground as I thought the motion captured from the water helped give a sense of movement in the image. After helping the clients out with there images I had another idea! I told the clients we should put on a larger lens so we could isolate the lighthouse and frame it on our left. This way we could try to make the image look more appealing with proper rules of composition. Now do remember that rules are meant to be broken! So here was our first image we took with our larger lenses.

Chris Pepper, North of 49 photography, Boars island lighthouse, Canadain photography workshops, Nova Scotia,

This image was taken @ 420mm, you can now see that the sun is nothing more then a fireball behind our subject (the light house) and the shadow on the rocks has now become a complete silhouette due to exposing for the sky. Isolation from the telephoto lens has created a completely new perspective of this scene now. It removed a large body of water and a large portion sky to keep us right on target to what we were looking to achieve. Now I wont say I like this image more than the others, but it is a completely different look that I’m sure many people would never have captured. Last I wanted to add another edit of the same crop with my telephoto but in black and white.

Chris Pepper, North of 49 photography, Lighthouse photography workshop, Nova Scotia

Although I do like the black and white image as it offers a balance of dark blacks and light whites. But in all honesty do you think it tells a story the way the colour pictures do? I think when you size it up to the photo above it totally lots its oomph.

So let’s wrap up today on a note about perspective. Most photographers that are beginning have lots to learn in the means of being creative. Let’s face it, there are those who have a huge creative side to themselves and pic up a camera and never skip a beat. Then there is the other half of the people that think photography would be a fun hobby. These people buy a camera and struggle because they only take pictures and don’t make pictures. This blog is a classic example of how 4 pictures can look so different but yet be taken from the exact same location. And when I say location I mean my tripod never moved from the same spot. I used 3 different focal lengths, 3 different edits and one long exposure. While your out photographing the rest of the summer try to step back and think outside of the box. Nobody can ridicule you for trying something new, being creative is what makes us all different. If you are a landscape photographer and you are trying to to get noticed you really need to sit back and think what will make my picture look totally different then everybody else?

Happy shooting and thanks for taking the time to read my blog today!

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