Baldy over the pond.jpgCommon Merganser-c21.jpgFall Great Horned Owl.jpgFemale barn owl 1.jpgGreat Grey.jpgGreat Horned coming in.jpgHawk head shot.jpgLeft wing in the water.jpghummer.jpgJan17 raptor workshop.jpgoil painting of lovers.jpgSnowy head shot.jpgbald eagle september session.jpg2x4.jpg400 2.jpgchecking on the young.jpgchip off the old beak.jpgCloser crop in the young buck-c13.jpgCRC1.jpgcrc3.jpggreat grey perched.jpgfriday night.jpglooking for prey.jpglooking to take off.jpgLoon 1.jpgThe eye.jpgBald Eagle feb15th.jpg2015 Hummer 3.jpgLooney day.jpgThe fisherman.jpgMale Hooded Merganser in the spring-c98.jpgMmmm grass.jpgmorning light.jpgcrc7.1.jpgpeek a boo.jpgpeeka boo.jpgstop for a scratch.jpgwhite breasted nuthatch.jpgyoung are getting big.jpg