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Northern Gannets Photography Workshop

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Bonaventure Island Workshop to photograph Gannets
Workshop #1 is July 18 to July 20th, 2016

Instructors: Len Silvester and Chris Pepper

Workshop #2 is July 21st to July 23rd, 2016

Instructors: Len Silvester and Chris Pepper

Price: $1995CAD

Introduction: Come join us for three days and four nights at the largest Northern Gannet colony in the world. Our destination is Bonaventure Island, and is home to more than 55,000 nesting pairs of Northern Gannets. National Geographic Traveler Magazine ranks the area of Gaspé the number three tourism destinations in the world.

We are taking groups to photograph the largest Northern Gannet colony in the world. It is located on Bonaventure Island, off the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec.

This area is home to more than 50,000 nesting pairs of Northern Gannets. You may have seen Gannets flying around the coastal waters, but until you see the activity at a breeding colony, both up in the nesting area, and while they are fishing by the hundreds, you really cannot appreciate the details in their feathers and graceful flight.

Other photographic opportunities will include all aspects of bowing (territorial display), sky pointing, fencing (two mates clashing their bills together while pointing skyward) and mutual preening.

When we are there, most of the nests will be occupied and will contain young at various stages of development. Other species of birds and animals that you will have the opportunity to photograph are Black-legged Kittiwakes, Black Guillemots, various Gulls, Razorbills, and possible Grey Seals and various Whales that inhabit this area in the summers.

Each day you will have a four hour ride on a 24 foot Zodiac Hurricane (weather permitting) around the island. We should have ample opportunities to photograph Gannets diving and feeding in their funnel formation.

At 9am each day we will be dropped off at the dock on Bonaventure Island. Access to the colony is strictly controlled and impossible to be on the island before 9am. By adding the zodiac tour, we will maximize the better light by being on the water as the sun rises.

Our 24 foot zodiac is a private charter and we will position you (weather permitting) for the best photos, at the right time for nesting Black-Legged Kittiwakes, Razorbills, Common Murres and the island Grey Seals: all at close range.

You will also be in the waters where you will be up close and personal for diving Gannets. After our Zodiac tour, we will land on the main wharf of Bonaventure Island at about nine o’clock and embark on our hike up to the colony.

Your camera gear will be taken up by atv so you do not have to carry it on our backs, letting you enjoy the 1.5 mile hike through the wooded area.

What’s included….

Four nights hotel accommodation (single occupancy). Three days admission to Bonaventure Island. Three 4 hour excursions on a Zodiac boat (weather permitting), and return from Bonaventure Island to Perce on a larger, commercial ferry.
Three full days photographic instruction and welcome reception on first night of workshop with the trip leaders.

Toronto Skyline Workshop

Skyline photography workshop, Photography workshop, Chris Pepper Photography, Canadain Photography Workshops

On August 15th I will be holding a workshop in Toronto focusing on taking pictures of the best Ontario skyline in my opinion. The Toronto skyline is always a busy spot as it’s our Ontario city that never sleeps. Together we will meet downtown and walk out to our location under the night sky. At this location we will work on being creative with some long exposures. As the morning hour rolls in we will experience working with a blue hour sky that will transition into a beautiful golden hour sunrise. During this time we can only hope for that golden sun to kiss the skyline as it will be a morning photo opp you will never forget. During this workshop I will work one on one with everybody to help ensure you will bring home photos you will want to hang on your wall. After the workshop we will all meet up at a restaurant to re cap about how our morning shoot went. During this time I will show you some editing tips on my laptop using photoshop. We will go over ways to minimize noise in your photos and ways to remove it. Also we will talk about tips on how to bring detail out in your buildings and how to make sure the color or saturation is correctly balanced.

Workshop time will start at 3am, yes you read that right 3 am. We need to make sure everybody is getting those great night shots before we slip into a awesome blue hour. We will finish the workshop roughly an hour after sunrise as that nice color will turn into a harsh sunrise quick.

The cost for this workshop will be 49.00 plus HST, Breakfast or transportation is not included in cost.

Hope you can join me!

We are on the Air!!

Hello fellow photog’s and viewers!

Hanging out in BanffIt’s nice to be back on the air again and posting blogs for my viewers to see. Over the past few weeks I have been spending some time re vamping my site. Switching over to a WordPress site has been a bit of a learning curve but I now have a grip on things. I look forward to keeping you all posted on some product reviews, trip reviews and share some pictures from my recent outings.

Thanks for viewing my blog.

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