10 Items you might be missing in your camera bag

Many people have had that moment when they get out to the field and realize they either forgot something or wished they would of brought something. So today I’m offering my top 10 ten list of what I make sure to keep in my bag to be prepared. Sometimes we run in to the unexpected out there and nothing ruins your day more than having to leave because you forgot something or you are forced to leave.

#10 A plastic bag Think of all the reasons why or how you can use a plastic bag. Let me share a few from my past experiences. One time I was out along a river in the winter and the snow was not that deep but it was super cold out. I managed to be standing on a shelf of ice and guess what……. Yep my foot broke through the ice. Most people in -15c would likely call it a day at this point. Well not me, it was a sunny day and I was out of the wind so I took my shoe and sock off and dried off my foot. Then I hobbled over to a tree ringed my sock out and hung it up to air dry in the sun. I then reached into my camera bag and guess what I used on my foot?? A plastic bag, then I put my shoe back on and although it was a little damp and cold my foot was dry. By the time I moved on my sock was semi dry and I just slipped it on over my plastic bag. See I’m not just a pretty face after all ­čśë You can also use a bag to put clothes in if it get’s to warm or wrap your camera in if it rains or even to wrap around your camera if its super cold. This way when you bring your camera inside your house you can let it adjust to the climate and you wont get moisture spots on your sensor.

#9 Spare batteries Now batteries will add some extra weight to your pack but you wont be mad about that extra weight when you need one. I always have 4 camera batteries, a pack of double AA and a pack of AAA in my bag as well. I have a spare battery grip insert for my camera that if my camera batteries die I can always switch over to double A batteries. Or for my external flash as we all have experienced batteries go dead with them. Plus if it happens that a friends battery dies you always look like the hero.

#8 Pills Now what kind of fun is it to go out photographing stuff without pills. I’m just kidding by the way! I’m most likely the last person you will see to take a pill as I have tried to avoid them my whole life. But there will always be that moment where you will be in the middle of nowhere and think “dam I wish I had something for that” So let me list off a few things I have just encase a friend or myself needs something. And don’t laugh because my brother say’s I’m a walking drug store. I have Ibuprofen if somebody has a headache or hurts themselves. I have Advil cold and flu cause you just never know when a colds gonna kick you in the A**. I keep Reactine for people who suffer from allergies like myself and just can’t stop sneezing and snorting because you fell into a big weed patch. I have Tums for those days when lunch is just not sitting well and you have a little heartburn. I have Pepto bismol tablets because as the commercial says upset stomach diarrhea! You just never know when your traveling if you will pick up a bug or eat something a little off. Better to be bunged up like an older person who ate too much cheese then to be running off like a Kenyan in the Boston marathon looking for a bathroom.

#7 Spare memory cards There is nothing like getting out to a shoot and realizing you have half of a card full of pictures you forgot to upload. I have seen people missing “the moment” so many times because they are siting there deleting bad photos to make room for some keepers. Let me tell you, if you ever hear the words come out of my mouth that I have no more cards to use then I have been shooting a tone! I carry 2×64 gig cards, 2×32 gig cards and 2×16 gig cards. I don’t like to run out of space if I don’t have to. And again you sure look like the hero when you say to your friend “here use this one I don’t mind” So it’s always better to error on the side of caution with extra cards.

#6 Multipurpose tool We have all had a moment or will have more moments where something comes loose on our gear and we could use a tool to tighten something. Or that moment when you could of used a knife to cut something or open something up. Don’t be the idiot standing there trying to improvise with some random item from your pocket. Be the man or handy lady that makes Macgyver proud that you had the tool for the job.

#5 Camera remote Don’t try to fool yourself that you can take long exposures without a remote. Just avoid the possibility of camera shake and care about the end quality of your images. Most cameras have a budget model of remote that has a hold feature for bulb mode. At the most it will be 30-40 dollars for a low end remote that will make you look more professional at your hobby or carrier.

#4 Micro fiber cloth Lint free cloths are a great way to help clean any unwanted dust or water spots off of your lens. As long as you keep them clean they will work wonders for you. Try to find something to keep you cloth in as putting it in your pant pocket is usually a lint disaster for a cloth. A plastic bag or a pouch always keeps your cloth free from the elements.

#3 Spare camera Now some people may not be able to afford a spare camera. But if you are traveling or you are a professional photographer 2 cameras is a must. You have way to much to loose if something goes wrong with your camera. One you will look like an idiot in front of your client if your are portraying yourself as a professional. Or if you plan to travel to a destination to take pictures and something happens you will be so upset that your lost that picture of a moment in time. Even if you have a small point and shoot it’s better then not having a second camera at all.

#2 Camera and lens cleaning kit There is nothing more of a pain then to look at your picture in your viewfinder and see a bunch of spots on your image. I always carry a sensor cleaning kit with me that is above and beyond the norm. Here is what I keep in my kit, Arctic Butterfly for clearing unwanted dust, a Quasar loupe which is a magnify glass with lights on it to see more than the naked eye, Giotto’s rocket air blower again used to remove dust. last sensor cleaning tool are swabs from Visibledust, remember to make sure you buy the right size swabs for your camera sensor size.

#1 Tape No matter the case a man can temporarily repair anything with enough tape. Plus you have an option to choose your weapon, duct tape, electrical tape, gaffers tape or all of the above. Many times we may damage something out in the field and need a quick repair. For all of us with large strong hands tiny pieces of plastic can be easily broken by accident. There are many reasons for tape and if you don’t have it in your bag you will never learn how to be creative with it.

So there you have it, this is my top 10 list of items you should keep in your camera bag. Now I’m sure most of you will think I don’t need all of that as it will just create extra weight. But when something happens out in the field just remember my face saying “I told you so!”
Have a great weekend everybody and enjoy the sun and warmer weather we are due for.

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